Rapha #Festive500 – Late Start…

But maybe I was a little optimistic in thinking waking up on Christmas day at5:30AM, spending 4 hours on the bike before my girlfriend woke up would be okay. It wasn’t, and so it was made quite clear on christmas eve just before we went to sleep.

None the less the bike took the back seat. It is Christmas after all and unfair for me to ruin her excitement even if my Christmas excitement hasn’t yet been seen.  Evening comes, festivities put to bed and the Ladie on to work I had no excuse for a quick blast to make a start.  A very cold and familiar Leeds to Ilkley.


Cold is the only way I could describe this ride.  With the Giant TRP brakes being re-called I had no other option but to head out on the LOW// fixed. My aim any moderately long ride fixed is always to try and keep above 20mph (depending on climbing).  Since I try not to cycle with head phones anymore it’s amazing where the mind wanders. I kept listening to the noise of the chain and the rotation between left and right trying to focus on it as if it were a metronome.  The ride out felt monotonous, dull and never ending.  I blame that on the 2 beers and Christmas dinner though.


Going was slow but coming home felt pretty fast. The temperature without a doubt dropped when I arrived at Ilkley so I was keen to get a move on a push the pace back.  Pleased with the overall efforts and manages some PB’s too!