Rapha #Festive500 – Cold kettlewell

Without pointing out the obvious, today was cold.  Probably more so then any other day or so it felt!


Company was well received today riding with the renowned AlbaRosa CC. Many familiar faces but always some new ones to memories names.  Otley , Ilkley, Bolton Abbey , Barden, Appletreewick and over Hartlington Raikes before heading through Grassington and on to Kettlwell.


Again, from Leeds to Ilkley my hands and probably everyone else”s were practically falling off. At one point my right hand felt as if it had swelled up twice the size alongside that it was excruciatingly painful.  As much as I didn’t want to take the Sunday best out (Scott CR1 Pro) I had no other choice what with the track bikes being brake-less and the TCX brakes recalled.  There was lots of talk about avoiding the back roads due to ice etc but it wasn’t as bad as first thought. A bit of common sense and steady on the descents and there were no problems.


Once we got to Grassington the temperature warmed up which meant I got the feeling in my hands back again!  It’s always difficult riding in groups with different abilities. I always really enjoy it though, those stronger riders always inspire me to push that bit harder!Inevitably the sunday best bike got totally gubbed up, so there was no easier way to clean her then the token bath bike wash!