Rapha #Festive500 – The final 25

‘Today was the final day.  Alarm goes off at 8:30… Sleep… Sleep…And so I get up for 9:30 to sit in front of the TV playing GTA5.  Could not be arsed today at all I have to say. With my body feeling destroyed I couldn’t muster much enthusiasm to get out side and do the final 40K.

Looking outside the clouds were looming and I new it wasn’t going to be a leisurely ride. I’d had in mind a nice route around Eccup reservoir.  Typically from 9:30 till I set foot out of the door it wasn’t raining.  As soon as I got out it absolutely poured it down. I figured there was no point pushing up to Eccup for a ride I wasn’t in the right mind set for.  Best point of call was the leeds to M1 loop a few times alongside a few Armory loops and job el’ be a good’en!  Oh my. I tell you it chucked it down. It”s a good job I didn’t shower before hand as I was totally soaked!  Mud guards!? WHAT?! Nahhh… To add too it I left the flat after having a small domestic with the girl friend thus meaning I forgot my celebratory hip flask. NOOOOO!


None the less it was still there when I got home and the 16 year old malt tasted just as good as it would have out in the pouring rain.


Rapha Festive 500

1 mars bar

3 packets of crisps

2 rides with gears

5 with no gears

5 with no brakes

1 puncture

1 ride lost

0 mud guards

6 supermarkets visited

1 new BB needed and probably much much more…

Congratulations to everyone who took part whether you finished it or not!  Let the strip down and cleaning begin! Happy New Year!