Let there be light!

2 years of commuting and i’ve never had a problem being ‘seen’. I’ve always worn some sort of reflective jacket, plenty of good lights and made sure drivers are aware i’m there before I commit to any junction.
This time I was caught out, luckily un-harmed but I still went right over the bonnet, landing on the opposite side of the vehicle watching her wheel continue to role after impact.

Scary it was.

For a while i’ve been using Exposure Flash and Flare. After using in expensive clip lights for a while these lights were a huge improvement! Sadly getting git by a car meant they simply weren’t bright enough, even wearing a cream reflective jacket and I was still not seen.

After a bit of research it seemed my only options were to shell out quite an amount of money, £100-£300 or buy a Cree light at £20.

I’d heard mixed reviews about these lights but at £20 quid it was a no brainer.

Broken after 3 months, inconsistent battery life and poor build quality, I got it – you pay for what you get! Compared to the Exposure lights they don’t come close! The Cree has probably a little more battery life too…




Cree 1800 Light

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