Resolving the resolution

” A clean slate ” …
I’ve learn’t in the past it’s much easier to take a pragmatic approach then to go in gun’s blazing making unrealistic and unachievable goals.  Another flawed method by many is approaching a new year by say what they did wrong in last.  This is a very negative approach and won”t benefit the future by looking at aspects of the past in such a ‘failed’ view.  I feel 2014 for me is about new challenges and experiences.


I’m going to be taking a step out of my comfort zone. My main goal is to race this year, road, cross and fixed.  I really can’t deal with the anxiety prior to a race and I want to work at enjoying the experience more. I’m not too fussed about winning. I mean don’t get me wrong it’s what everyone wants but I don”t have that drive, passion and sometimes obsession with come first etc.

I want to do more exploring, ride with more friends and visit more beautiful places this year. No excuses. Sure work will be busy but planning in advance makes those excuses obsolete.  I want to spend less money* on bikes and spend more money on getting to those places to ride bikes. (*I still plan on getting a MTB at some point this year!) in retrospect 2013 was a lot about mentality. I’ve yapped on about it for the last year. On and on and on in fact. Those who read my posts from The North Race will know that i’m a firm believer of having a strong mind. Especially when climbing hills.

I’ve also decided that I want to make more of an effort with my club’s Strava Segment of the Week challenge. In a nut shell the club sets a different Strava segment everyweek. The winner of the segment (fastest time) the chooses the next segment and so on. You then gain points by achieving the best times etc. At the end of the year the points get added up and there is a winner!  I’ve never really used this as the motivational tool it could be used as which is why this year seems like a good opportunity to get stuck in!


2014 will also be less about the looking at my Garmin and more about looking whats around. Some times we can obsess over miles, averages and heart rates and it all helps in the long run but can totally change the original intention of why we, or I, ride. For fun. To get out and see what”s out there.



I’m already looking forward to simply riding the back roads away from the traffic where only fields and farm houses can be seen!