Rapha #Festive500 – Jinxed

Decided with it being my last 88k I’d try get some fast familiar flat miles in the bag – ARCC Thursday Chaingang route seemed perfect. A58 out towards whetherby and back.  About 15 miles in I was thinking about how lucky i’ve been recently with mechanical issues. I’ve not had any at all let alone flats in quite some time…. And so 5 minutes later I get a flat. Total jinx! Not only that it wasn’t just a pinch flat, it was a huge hole.  A super patch on the tube and one on the underneath of the tyre and I was back on my way home.  The wind back was even worse on the way back but my spirits were high and I was feeling like I was close to the end of the festive 500.  Typically as I approached Leeds the sun came out in full force.


With only 25 miles to go i’m actually looking forward to a nice leisurely spin around Eccup tomorrow.  Hopefully everything will be dry by then….