Alex Warburton Memorial Ride

Given I was leading the ride I figured it was best to test the route prior to the actual reliability ride… Probably quite a foolish idea in some respect as with 105km and 1500meters I was bound to be exhausted on the Sunday of the RR.

Saturdays test run was a lonesome and solace ride… It was a nice opportunity to just disappear and go adventure on roads i’ve not cycled before – a pleasant reminder of why I enjoy cycling so much.
Sundays ride was completely different, about 20 or so people turned up for the ride with a range of ability. There were some deliberating whether or not to do the easier C ride but I managed to pursuade them that the pace wouldn’t be crazy and no one would be dropped…

It was a good opportunity for me to make an attempt at getting back into the swing of commitment for the club, during the winter months I pretty much had to take a back seat due to my lack of mud guards.

After being so inspired by other club members it was so nice to be on the other side, giving people the confidence to climb to the top of some of the toughest climbs on the day without stopping and giving up!