Middle Of nowhere – Rebecca J Kaye

If I’m getting all pretentious the middle of nowhere doesn’t exactly exist, it’s a state of infinity, a state on none existence. But put from a perspective of cycling, in my opinion, I don’t often get that ‘nowhere’ feeling anymore.

More often then not we know exactly where we’re going, even if we haven’t done the route or have no idea where we’re going we still have some idea of where geographically we are… But getting lost is a whole new aspect… When you’re lost you really have no idea as to where you are…. In fact even the slightest uncertainty and you’re pretty much there.

A couple of weeks back I came across a website called middle of nowhere.


A website that documents rides that take you to the middle of nowhere. Sometimes it’s easy to get complacent with even the things we love and this can mean loosing aspect such as finding nowhere.  Having focused on road and track for the last few years it was only a month ago when I got my mountain bike and took it to the dales that I had a beautiful reminder of being in the ‘middle of nowhere’.


On the top of the dales after climbing for 30 minutes we were surrounded by boggy fields and a small muddy path in which fades into the distance. Maybe 3 miles away a resevoir, no roads, no farms or houses and no cars. This was my nowhere.


Check out Middle of Nowhere here