SCV / No Method – No Teacher.

“In english the word Stupefy means to astound. In french Stupefiant or ‘stups’ are short for drugs. We thought the tenacious relation between the two sums up cycling as of late.

This is a continuously updated satellite range of cycle apparel and utilities. Striving to break the mold of design for cycling we want to supply color to the friends we have riding that find themselves neither in the sartorial luxury camp nor among the mountain bikers with their tribal and flame adorned garments. With the sport of cycling comes a fair amount of testosteron and our ambition will always be to try and provide a look void of gender stereotypes. With our inspiration fingers dipped in the late 80′s and early 90′s expect a lot of colorful experiments from us in the near future.”




As for any cyclist choosing apparel not only is based on comfort but also on style. In the past I’ve struggled to find stuff that really floats my boat, things usually over branded or dull boring colour schemes so Erik’s SCV kit is welcomed with open arms!

Unfortunately my first outing with these over shoes was at my first Crit race in York which if you read my earlier post didn’t go as according to plan!


With a full kit soon to be available grab your over shoes and jersey through the link below.

Check out SCV here