“Mate, you’re on camera…”

The war on Britain’s roads continues and doesn’t look like it’s about to die down any time soon… In the last year i’ve seen quite a few frightening videos of cyclists all around the world experiencing some horrendous driving. Is this the way forward?  6 months ago I would have liked to say no but now it seems more evident that it’s only going to get worse.

Last week I had to commute 13 miles to work via car, a common journey I cycle which takes 40-50 minutes. It took me an hour and 25 minutes to get to work, an infuriating journey filled with many impatient/arrogant and ill-mannered idiots also commuting.


video cameras are now being used as an incentive for vehicle drivers to film there journeys, there safe driving, and benefit from cheaper insurance premiums as a result of sensible driving – thus also meaning if anyone else makes a foolish manoeuvre  evidence can be provided immediately.

In the long run cameras will no doubt become mandatory on any vehicle – a sad perspective but with such little respect on our roads there seems no other options, these cameras will no doubt track your location, speed and monitory your front a rear perspectives.

I feel safer commuting with a camera on and unfortunately when people see the red light flashing they’re immediately aware they’re on film and usually their driving habits will change, some times only after they’ve been made aware they’re on film.


Such a sad perspective that it’s come to this but people don’t seem to care, they don’t realise the danger they’re putting others in – and still to this day the majority of drivers see cyclists as an inconvenience, something that’s going to vastly effect their journey time.

On a similar note the British Cycling have just banded any kind of camera being used in races across the country, understandable in some respect as if the camera falls off during the race it could cause a nasty accident. I was lucky enough to rebel against this in my first cat 4 race (I was told it was okay to use – however after was told I wasn’t etc)