Bespoked Round Up – Part 3

Sven Cycles

Awarded the Best Touring Bicycle, Owner Darren bought a real diverse range of bicycles down to the show. In my opinion it’s what made Sven Cycles one of the best stands at the show. He didn’t just have the most fancy dazzling classic run of the mill bikes, he had some really diverse projects that blew my mind!



One in particular was a custom built all rounder, a customer who was an old school club racer, too old to race or get huge miles in wanted something that would cover all the bases! This bike was absolutely incredible! 953 tubing with geometry more focused for touring and long distance, press fit BB, carbon flat handle bars with hydraulic brakes, Sram xx1 finished off with custom built mud guards. This big could could be a practical town bike or a exceptionally fast all day road bike.


Svencycles1 Svencycles2 Svencycles3

Darren, the owner of Sven Cycles, told me he use to build his own frames back in the 70’s and 80′ for racing, then he got into car restoration and pretty much started a career doing that. It’s only in the last few years he decided to revisit building bicycle.  This is another company I look forward to seeing what they have to come in the next few years!

Woodrup Cycles

It was nice seeing some local talent especially given what they bought to the show. The trend at the minute seems to be fillet brazing, not that that’s a bad thing, but I find some times fillet brazing can be a little boring, where as the more traditional lugged frames always catch my eye without fail. This Woodrup build was not only a top spec beautiful build, but the attention to detail on the lug work was incredible!

Woodrup Woodrup2