Peak District Rediscovered

Skipton, Grassington and Malham all routes I’ve done time and time again. I can’t say I know the routes like the back of my hand but the roads are familiar and have been ridden into the ground for the last 2 years. I wouldn’t say I’ve got bored of these routes nor do I dislike any of them, but it has made me realise the excitement of riding new routes!

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My pal Neil contacted me a while ago saying he was staying at his mums for a week, just outside Manchester and suggested an opportunity to catch up and get some miles in! Luckily he was prepared (unlike myself) and set up a route from Sheffield to Manchester, heading over the peak district with a couple of tough hills thrown in along the way.

I’d been down south the week before so hadn’t had a great deal of time to look at the route nor did I particularly feel 100% but I knew it was going to be a steady pace, catching up and exploring unknown territory!

Heading out of Sheffield, sorry, climbing out of Sheffield we made our way to the countryside. I thought the Chevin coming out of Otley was bad, but from sheffield train station to the outskirts was somewhat of a surprise climb to what I’d imagined! The descent straight after made it all the worth while, a fast winding road that swept between two valleys, we were both already taken in by the countryside and views- we were only 15K in!



Neil told me there was one particular climb that would be of interest prior to our outing, I had no idea it was one of the top 100 climbs!

Winnets Pass, a stunning climb between too hils, winding up the valley to the top. The only thing that put me off about this climb is the amount of traffic going up and down it, quite a narrow road going up it only take two cars to meet at the narrow points and everything gets held up!


I’d also advise once up to experience the descent too, that’s what made it all the worth while for me!

I thought that was the only main climb of the route but I was wrong, very wrong.

Mam Nick climb was equally painful. It felt a great deal longer and steeper then Winnets pass but I’m almost certain it was just my wheezing whilst climbing!


The Sheffield peaks were no disappointment and I’ll be visiting them again very soon. Being taken out of my familiar dales was a great experience, one I hope to repeat in future, maybe next it’ll be the Derbyshire dales or the  Snowdonia National Park!