Engineered Bicycles

At first glance you might think these are pretty standard aluminium race builds but on closer inspection you’d be pleasantly surprised at the amount of attention to detail which really makes the CV and Crit bike stand out.

Designed in Bristol and built in Italy, these frames are designed to be ridden into the ground.


Details such as webbing on the rear chain stays for stiffness, and the rear brake calliper on the outside of the triangle as apposed to the inside, are just two details that might make you see your opponent fly past you if they’ve chosen one of these beautiful machines.



Having just started racing this season one of my main worries is riding a ‘sunday best’ carbon frame, although carbon is strong it can be easily damaged, which is what always makes me question if it would be worth while opting for a more durable aluminium frame that would take the toils of racing.

If it’s custom aluminium you’re looking for these guys have exactly what you’re looking for!

Check out more specs and photos here.