Morvelo City Cross – Holbeck Urban Village

Last year I tentatively signed up to the Cit Cross 2 event at the Piece Hall in Halifax. As it was my first race my nerves were getting the better of me but entering in under novice made me feel a little calmer given the majority of others entering probably felt the same and no doubt just wanted to experience the exciting and challenging course on offer!


Not only my first race but my first CX race too! Twists, turns, mud, bridges, beer and the all rest! As mentioned I was nervous at the start but once the race got going it was full steam ahead with the adrenaline pumping.


If you’re unsure about racing I’d strongly recommend this to test the water, the races are split by ability which means if you just want to race the course and not bother about a position there’s a place for you!

Check out the website and put your name down!