Out of the comfort zone.

In reference to a past post, a general outline as to what my out look on 2014 was, what my aspirations were as a cyclist, training, commuting, having fun and experiencing different aspects of cycling to further develop my experiences in the saddle.

I’d link the post but the grammar is terrible and something I’m working on improving so i’d rather not digress but you get the idea from the above.

The points in general were regarding more racing, exploring, less spending money on bikes, segment of the week and less garmin obsessed rides.

I’ve dabbled in all of the above but If I’m brutally honest I’ve been sub consciously avoiding some. Mainly racing.


I had my first race a few months back where, due to another rider, I crashed and had to miss a lap ending up in 7th place which was a great finish but not the ideal first race I had hoped for. To then be told my race license was out of date didn’t set me off on the best foot. After that I’ve been making poor excuses not to race again, It’s not that I didn’t enjoy the race, I just didn’t enjoy the 2/3 days before the race where I couldn’t stop my self from feeling nauseous.

The only thing that will side this feeling is by racing more.

This week I entered two races to kick me back in to gear, the York Criterium road race and the London Nocturne Track Crit. I’m not intimidated by the York race as I’m now familiar with the course, I am however now developing similar butterflies as when I raced in the Hunt in 2012 down in London.

I’m not serious enough to have a training regime or start factoring race weight or what I eat etc as all these things would begin chipping away at why I enjoy cycling.

Maybe things will change once I’ve got stuck into the season but for the minute I’m just going to have to suffer the anxiety and bottle it until the race begins!