Calm before the storm

As some of you may know from previous posts I’m not great at dealing with racing anxiety, today has been the worst so far and no doubt tomorrow will be filled with more nausea and anxiety!

Fundamentally it doesn’t matter at all, it’ll be a great race and the’ll be a amazing crowd to cheer us on. I know there’s some strong riders so I’m not committing my self to any form of pressure as to how well I’d like to do, I’m just hoping sketchy riding and crashes are non-existent/avoided!

Last night I decided to fully commit to the race ‘ethics’ (if that’s what you call it).

I shaved my legs! Why?

If anything happens, crashes or skidding out etc then the damage will be less and it will also be easier to clean up.  Not to mention I’m attempting to look PRO, Obviously!


Who knows how tomorrow will go, I’ve prepared as much as possible and I’ll ride as fast and as hard as I can!

Wish me luck!