Eyes on the road – Volkswagen

For the last three years I’ve watched the progression of bad driving habits – One of the main issues is mobile phones.

Texting or calling in stationary traffic, slow moving traffic, on the motorway, duel carriage ways etc you name it. I’ve seen it all and it sickens me to think these people believe it’s okay or acceptable.

A while a go it was discussed within the mobile phone technology world that they were going to introduce restraints in the software that would stop people using phones whilst in a vehicle. The technology would detect the movement through gps and disable the phone of any use. What a great idea right? Unfortunately it seems there’s still a way to go before this technology is introduced as a mandatory requirement.


This Volkswagon advert highlights the dangers of observing your phone whilst driving. The minute you take your eyes of the road could be a life or death decision.

I don’t feel people take this matter seriously enough and I make an ambitious attempt to remind road users who abuse the law that it’s not okay and how easy it is to kill some one by such a distraction.

Kudos to Volkswagon – Hopefully they can lead the way in technology to combat this problem.