Gisburn Forest

A beautiful sunny summers day and an hours train away I slowly make my way to Gisburn Forest. From Long Preston station it’s the best part of a 20/25 minute ride to the forest.


I’d been meaning to go to these trails for a while but for one reason or another never managed to get chance, they didn’t disappoint though! With Glastonbury on the horizon I wasn’t  planning on going all outs but did have a few moments especially with parallel trees… How I managed to get through some of them I’ve no idea but luckily I didn’t fall off!

2014-06-22-12.07 2014-06-22-10.58

There’s a total mix of skills and much like Seven Staines it was well sign posted and the trails seemed to be well maintained too.

I couldn’t help but question whether a hard tail was the most ideal bike to ride on the red route. I’m uncertain as to if it was just down to experience, my riding, wrong tyre pressure or if I needed softer forks. I found some of the terrain incredibly challenging! I suppose thats what you want from a good course and I have to acknowledge it was my first run so maybe that’s partly the case. Nonetheless it was as difficult going down as it was going up!


I have to say I think I’m verging towards downhill mountain biking compared with up hill. It seems so much harder than on a road bike! As much as the descent is technically and physically challenging, it’s nothing compared attempting to go back up to the top of the trail you’ve just bombed down!

There were quite a few other riders out, mainly on full suspension bikes (also added to my  doubt about my hardtail), who seemed to make it look considerably easier!


It was a great day out, the berms, fast technical descents and the climbs were all worth it. I’ll be heading back to improve my technical and build on my skills!

Leeds – Long Preston £12.50

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