10 reasons why you probably won’t start cycling to work.

Forgive the ultimately sarcastic tone but if you read my last post there’s a strong chance you used one of the examples below.

1. “It’s so dangerous cycling on the roads!”

True. In three years of commuting to work I’ve been hit twice and fallen off countless times through no fault of my own but it’s never put me off.  Wear reflective gear, bright kit, a helmet and signal with confidence. I can assure you, as much as it might not seem so, drivers would much prefer not to scratch/dent their car.

Unfortunately even though cyclists are the ‘vulnerable’ road users many still don’t give them the time of the day and the thing that always gets me is no one ever seems to gain anything from stupid arrogant driving manoeuvres. Cyclists aren’t an inconvenience, we might hold you up for a few seconds before there’s a safe place to pass but it only means you’ll be sat in the traffic lights sooner?!

The first week/month might be scary but confidence is key and you’ll only gain that by getting out more!


2. “It’s too far to commute to work!”

As some people indicated in the comments of the last post, some folk have commutes which span as far as 40 miles there and back. This is a problem I can’t help you with. If I were you I’d contemplate moving closer to work so you don’t burn half your wage on fuel and travel…


3. “I’ll be a sweaty beast by the time I get to work not to mention my hair will get ruined!”

Yep. Physical exercise is sweaty business but don’t worry, I’m sure you can have a wash at work? Too much hassle? Thought so…



Good god. Imagine? If it rained whilst cycling? cycling in the rain. Ffffffffff***. Madness!

Yep. You’d get wet. Inevitably this happens when you’re outside and it rains. Get a good cycling jacket & grow some balls/ovaries.

See Vulpine for ideal commuting cycling kit.

If it’s raining before work take a towel? dry off at work? Killing two birds with one stone, fitness plus a shower all before work!? Hurrah!!!


5. Bikes are expensive.

Life is expensive. Deal with it… You know what’s really expensive? Vehicles. Fuel. Public Transport and quality cheese.

Just to iron this one out… I can drive, I’ve owned a car before etc and can assure you there it no cheap alternative to driving. I had a car that cost me £100 and paid £1500 for insurance let alone £30 a week for petrol. What do I have to show for it? Nothing.

After you’ve factored everything for a car/public transport you’ll soon realise the expense is huge compared to that of a bicycle. Forget about it though. I’m sure you love filling your car up with expensive fuel, insurance money you might never claim on and a car that devalues as soon as you drive it out of the garage!


6. I love my car too much to want to cycle to work.

You might have a really nice car but this doesn’t solve the traffic, fuel, insurance or road tax issue let alone the abuse our great roads deliver to your cars performance and general condition? Unfortunately vehicle numbers will only continue to grow, fuel will get more expensive and inevitably you’ll be stuck in more traffic in your beloved car. You’ll look super cool in your stationary car though right?


7. What if I get a flat tyre?

You take a puncture kit and replace the tube… Learn to do it before you start commuting, in fact learn to do it generally before you commit to cycling!


* I didn’t have an image that related to get a puncture so here’s a Lion Doge

8. Lycra. Really?

Personally I’d say there was a bit of a taboo about Lycra. I love the stuff, I’m more comfortable in lycra then in any other item of clothing (Odd thing to say I know). If you live in a flat like me you might have the odd awkward lift moment with another neighbour but baring that it’s the only way to go!  If you’ve got mega money to spend on cycling clothing you can dip into the world of Rapha which I can assure you once you see the quality of their stuff you’ll be immediately converted. Baring that there are other reportable more affordable brands such as Morvelo & Milltag etc but either way lycra is without a doubt a good thing and will make any commute more comfortable.


9. How do I carry stuff to work?!

You buy an awesome bag that’s what you do! Or equally get some water proof panniers so you don’t have to carry anything on your back.

I commuted for 2 years with the Nike ACG 12ltr messenger bag which served it’s purpose for long enough but wasn’t too comfy over all. I now switch between the Trakke Og and North Race Megaloader pending on what I have to carry. It’s no inconvenience though, If you’ve got lots of luggage I’d suggest pannier racks rather then a back pack.

Awesome outdoor bags – Trakke
Got a suit you need to take to work? – Henty.
Leasurely commuting – Fairdale
Great alround commuters – Charge Bikes


10. We don’t have bicycle escaltors in the UK yet…

Words can’t describe…


OVERALL – “Can’t be arsed…”

And here we have it – probably the most fundamental reason.

I agree it’s not the easiest shift in your day to day routine but I can honestly say if you consider the change you’ll reap the benefits in the long run.