Ugly ducklings – Road bikes with disc brakes.



What’s happening here.

The rule is N + 1, not one bike fit for all purpose. When disc brakes on road/CX bikes first came to light there was loads of chitter chatter about pro & cons, whether it was really necessary or not etc. Braking better but weight is an issue etc etc the argument still goes on. Whether you’re in with the disc’s or not all I know is the new current fad of ‘enduro road bikes’ are nothing but ugly.


^ Volagi – Viaje / The name some what matches the look of the bike.

Maybe not one of the most offensive to the eyes but all these bendy fluid lines do no favours for my eyes.


^ Trek Domane – Ugly.


Liv – Avail Advanced

I’m sure ladies across the world will be lusting after this toad.




Specialized Secteur Sport –

Specialized have never really done it for me to be honest and adding disc brakes seems to do it no favours either!

“Roubaix-inspired Endurance Road geometry” … Right.



^ Giant Defy Advanced SL

I’m not exactly sure exactly sure how well disc brakes will go with the general public but no doubt it’ll be the same as when Di2 came out. There was up roar, no one really liked it but given time it’s now become pretty standard with a top spec group set, disc brakes will no doubt do the same.

I’m not sold on this ‘Enduro’ bike phenomenon but for those who want one bike that will cover lots of different ground then I guess it might be for you… Or you might just get a cyclo cross bike?