#Framebuilderfridays : Hallett Handbuilt Cycles

^ Feature image curtsy of David Arthur – Road.cc

With 20 years experience testing, reviewing and writing various articles about cycling you can rest assure that Richard Hallett knows the best options for building high performance & stunning hand built bicycles.

Pictured below is the Hallett 650b tourer which looks like it ticks all the boxes for comfortable all round tourer.


^ Image curtsy of David Arthur – Road.cc


^ Image curtsy of David Arthur – Road.cc


^ Image curtsy of David Arthur – Road.cc

With no compromise on detail, Richard offers an aray of different geometry to suit whatever the riders wants.

” Fine-tuned for the requirements of road racing, contemporary road bike geometry is dialed for the immediate steering response preferred when riding in a close-knit bunch and is based on a short wheelbase and the highly-responsive steering geometry that goes with it. Furthermore, a short wheelbase saves weight and enhances frame stiffness, both attributes desirable in competitive cycling. “

He also offers a bi-laminate BB with hand cut tube sleeves resulting in a stiffer bottom bracket without a much additional weight.

” By placing the lug points at the area of maximum bending stress under pedalling load, at the sides of the down and seat tubes – unlike the conventional arrangement where they are aligned in the fore-and-aft plane – my bottom bracket lug profile greatly increases the bracket’s lateral stiffness without impairing ride quality. “

For more information on Hallet Handbuilt Cycles check out his website and Twitter feed!


Image from The Radavist – L’eroica Britannia


Image from The Radavist – L’eroica Britannia