#framebuilderfridays : Shed 6 Cycles

Felix, the owner of Shed 6, came along to one of the Fixed Gear Leeds rides a few years ago on his 631 track bike – the wishbone rear seat stays which totally caught my eye and immediately made me add it to the ‘N+1 list’!



I saw some of his further work at Yorkshire Bicycle Show 2013/14 and also had the opportunity to try out his most recent fillet brazed columbus MAX Mountain Bike. Shed 6 has gone from strength to strength in the last few years and judging from this years Yorkshire Bicycle Show it’s certainly evident in the bikes he’s displayed.


” I started work for a small start up company called Slack Cycles, based in London. Here I learnt the basics of frame building and developed a real passion for it.

At the end of 2010 I applied for an apprenticeship at Bob Jackson, in Leeds. Starting in January 2011, I worked in the factory for a little over 3 months building off the peg lugged steel frames and doing some frame repairs.

After leaving Jacksons I went back to working as a mechanic at a major bike shop chain. During this time it galvanized my thought that frame building is the route I want to take. I had some tools made, found myself a small wooden garage and so ‘Shed 6’ came to be. ” – Felix Fried



Check out Shed 6 Cycles for more lovely frames.