6 phenomenal excuses not to cycle ANYWHERE (General)

1. Roads are DANGEROUS!

Correct. Roads are really dangerous but that doesn’t mean they become safe if you’re in a car? Okay yes, I know, you’ve got more safety measures in places etc but the damage can still be done.


Confidence is key when it comes to cycling in my opinion – it doesn’t help that the general impression of cyclists is that of a nuisance but it’s only with persistence and consistency that this attitude can change.

2. It’s upper body gym today…


We’ve all seen them, those lads that walk with a weird strut as if they own the pavement their walking on? Massive arms and weedy little legs. I’ve never been a gym buff so I’m going on assumptions but I’m led to believe ‘Leg day’ is generally neglected or disliked. More the reason to ignore it, imagine cycling to the gym and automatically doing your leg exercises? No? Okay… Jump in your Corsa and continue working on your silly neck

3. It’s hilly.


Yes their are hills but that’s not a justifiable reason? If it were all flat it would be dead boring! You walk up steps right? If you live in a hilly region of the UK you should appreciate the hills, it makes for great scenery and it gives you some easy goals to work towards!

4. I have a cool car.


No. Your car is not cool. It holds no value, it burns money and it’s expensive to keep on the road. The benefits of having a car lie in your laziness. I’m sure there are countless journeys you could make on foot OR just as fast on a bicycle.

5. I’d much rather sit in traffic! I’ve got air conditioning, coffee, Radio 1 and and bottomless wallet…


There are countless times I’m commuting to work or on a social ride where I think why I put myself through this? But for all the times I question myself when wet, cold or tired I have about 100x reasons that out way the negatives. One in particular is queuing in traffic. Whilst you might be dry, listening to the radio in your costly & wasteful vehicle I’m breezing past you. Being stuck in traffic is one of the most infuriating things about driving in my opinion, it gets you wound up, agitated and frustrated.

6. Not enough time!


REALLY? Probably the worst excuse of ALL TIME. Not enough time? Make time. Get organised and efficient. This is just an excuses to be lazy and nothing more. The majority of journeys I make by bicycle are twice as short as those by car so how can time be an adequate excuse?

Excuses were the first thing that inspired me to cycle and got me to where I am now. Don’t get me wrong, I drive, but I when it comes to getting from A to B the bicycle will always be the first option.