#Framebuilderfridays: Sven Cycles

Darron has a wealth of experience in restoration and crafting metal so it’s no surprise the bicycles he builds are so beautiful.


^ Best Touring Bicycle at Bespoked.

It was so nice to catch up with Darron at Bespoked, such a friendly and inspiring chap – we talked for half an hour about the past and present. He told me about his experiences racing bikes as a young boy when he would build a bike for racing and nothing more, no brand name or fancy parts. It was a race bike and that was it’s soul purpose! He also mentioned about his past restoring historic cars which is clearly indicated with his attention to detail on all the bicycles he builds.



” In 2012 Darron was able to realise his dream of building bicycle frames and Sven Cycles was born.  Andrew “Mog” Mogford joined Darron to help with design work. Mog was a member of the Brixton Cycles Co-op for 25 years and in that time worked in one of the busiest bike workshops in London.  In that time he has worked on and ridden just about every type of bike you can think of (and a few you probably can’t even imagine). He helped design the Bicycle Chain range of touring bikes, The Outsider Mountain bike (one of the first British shop built custom mountain bikes), the Brixton Cycle (a hub geared town bike) as well as many custom builds for customers. “



^^ Sven custom build, 953 tubing with geometry more focused for touring and long distance, press fit BB, carbon flat handle bars with hydraulic brakes, Sram xx1 finished off with custom built mud guards.

He built his first frame in 1988 on the Jeremy Torr bike building course (a bike that is still being ridden today). An expert on internally geared hubs his main interest is in building reliable, fun bikes for commuting and touring.”


^ Reynolds 653 Shimano Di2 8 Speed Alfine Ladies bicycle.

It’s safe to say Sven Cycles are without a doubt one of the leaders of innovative and beautifully crafted hand built bicycles.

For more information on previous builds and costs check out Sven Cycles.