End of an Era

The last three years of commuting to Bradford have been an interesting three for sure. I’ve had sunny days, snowy days, aggressive drivers, hit by a car, fallen off, snapped chains etc, the list goes on. What’s to expect from the worst city to cycle in the UK though?

I won’t miss cycling through a BD post code, it’s taken countless routes to figure out the safest way in which took me an extra 5 miles and 100 ft of climbing, something I later appreciated from a fitness aspect.


In some respect, I owe a lot to Bradford. It’s taught me a lot about what to expect and what to not expect from the average driver on a commute to work.

My new commute is 6.3 miles as apposed to the usual 15 miles, something I’m looking too extend in order to keep the base miles. Extending my commute will give me the opportunity to head further out into the country side, avoiding the congested inner city roads I’m familiar with from my past commute.


It’s been a great 3 years of cycling to Bradford – I can still remember the original route I took, a dual carriageway A road with national speed limit in place.  At the time it didn’t seem like a big deal, looking back I can’t believe I did that route for a year and a half before discovering alternative routes!

A new work challenge and a new commuting challenge, both of which I’m really excited about!