The Cycle Show Part 1

Bicycle academy


I finally got to meet Andrew from The Bicycle Academy and also Caren Hartley, owner of Hartley cycles who I’ll be covering on #framebuilderfridays in a few weeks time!


Weird E-Bike TT protector


E-bikes with furry nad covers? No… I’m not sold either.

Stork has terribly ugly branding


Maybe it’s just me? Storck manufacturer some stunning high end carbon bicycles, it’s just a shame their branding is ugly…

Disc brakes are coming whether you like it or not


Unfortunately for me I joined the party too soon, getting on the disc brakes on my Giant TCX sadly without a through axle which is what I saw many bikes with at the show. Without a through axle, getting the disc and calliper aligned is an absolute nightmare! Hurrah for hydraulic discs with through axles!

Track bikes are not cool, get an enduro bike instead


Although there was a smattering of track bikes here and there, there wasn’t as much as I’d thought I might see. Cinelli brought there new Vigorelli and Mash which was really nice to see in the flesh.  Sadly, Bianchi felt it was unimportant to bring along their new Super Pista 2014! Boo!

Bikes are getting dirt cheap


This Trek Domaine was on the Drops stand, TRP Hydraulic brakes, through axle with sealed bearings, full carbon with sora group set for £1,500… That’s a lot of money for a full carbon bicycle!

KTM didn’t bring one of these…


^ KTM Canic CXA

or one of these…