The Cycle Show Part 2

Vulpine is awesome



Awesome stand, staff have great chat and their products are top notch! Vulpine

Trade shows can be dull


The folks at seemed like they’d had enough by day two!

Hipster and their new fads…



What ever will hipsetes think of next?

There is still one up from a corima 4 spoke


If only they did a clincher version!

Skid forever with these weird fluorescent tyres!?

IMG_0037 IMG_0038


Pretty much the same idea as the borris bikes, not my cup of tea but I can understand why there might be the solution to a lot of commute issues!

Unfortunately at £99 a pair I’ll stick with my tubes thanks! – Tannus Tyres
Raleigh are winning at cross bikes

IMG_0046 IMG_0047


There were a lot of cross bikes at the show, no surprise really given we’re coming into cross season. These two models in particular caught my eye, the RX Pro and the belt driven single speed which I’m lead to believe is still just a concept bike. For £1,500, SRAM Force 22, disc breaks with through axles, sealed bearings etc you can’t really go wrong! Not to mention it’s a good looking bike!

Kid fat bikes?



I’m not sure I get this but since fat bikes are cool I suppose it makes some sense? I think…

KTM need superbikes as support vehicles, not cars…



KTM team car, that’s a Mazda? Get some RC8’s on the job as per last post!!!

The Cycle Show want to leave you with a last thought…




One reason I won’t be attending next year…