Kinoko Cycles Camo 5 Panel and Dinex Mug



Maybe I’m just being anal and pedantic – I’m sure the’ll be many who feel the same though…

A mug has to hold right, it’s contents has to be adequate, the shape has to feel and look right and it needs to be appealing to the eye with well orchestrated graphic.

I have one mug at work which gets re-used over and over, any other mug just wouldn’t feel right. So when Kinoko recently released a mug earlier this week it was a no brainer… of course I can’t be sure that all of the qualities above will be ticked but given their intricacy and attention to detail with previous products I’m 100% sure this mug will fit the high expectations I have. Design – check, observation of capacity good – check, good shape – check… It’s an absolute no brainer!






The other object I usual have close by is a 5 panel hat – I’m particularly fussy about these so it’s nice to see Kinoko hit the nail on the head with their Tokyo Fixed brand…




These are all limited runs so don’t sleep on this – Grab your mugs here and your hats here…