And so comes winter…

This week the weather has changed… Okay – Autumn was late and it was by all accounts september was ‘warm’ in comparison to others. It’s the time of year where the surrounding landscape looks fantastic and everything seems that little bit more vivid.


It’s unfortunate ‘Autumn’ only lasted a week… Or what seemed like a week anyway. The winter is setting in with cold, harsh wet weather and I for one am not looking forward to it! None the less, get over the initial shock in the first few weeks and it’s not so bad, you get used to the cold and the wet I suppose… The term ‘character building’ definitely springs to mind.


With winter also comes a new challenge (sort a speak)… I’ve been ask to take part in a 4 week clinical trial which involved me to be on a static bike for 4 hours whilst taking different types of carb drinks, 5 placebo carb drinks and one in which the results will be reflected against?


I had to do a fitness induction to start off with which consisted of a VO2 max test and a 30 minute Time Trial. The VO2 MAX text was one of the most difficult and mentally/physically destroying things I’ve ever done.

A combination of your body giving in and your brain letting you give in, the VO2 Max test is by far one of the most mentally challenging things I’ve taken part in. So for the next 4 weeks (Or once I get over my man flu) I’ll be spending four hours on a static bike, three and half of which will be at a steady pace and the last 30 which will be a Time Trail. Winter training without getting wet I suppose!