Morvelo Test Team – Camo kit

I love a British brand that invests as much time in to their products as they do the culture of the sport.

Morvelo do just that. I was first introduced to Movelo through the CityCross event they held in Halifax – At this point I didn’t know a great deal about the brand, I almost thought they were a cycling event company.   As it was my first race I was nervous and aprehensive but the event was  set up in such a fun way  it meant all those nerves were soon eliminated and everyone, all ages and all experiences could get involved!

I’m a strong believer in the saying ‘you pay for what you get’, Morvelo are, in my opinion, in the middle of what you can pay for kit but the quality is that of the more expensive brands.


When I first saw the camo kit I couldn’t resist, I’m a stickler for geometric camouflage so it was a no brainer from the second I saw it.

On first impressions the over all feel and quality of fabric was better then some of the other out sourced kit I’ve used, premium jerseys from china for example. The attention to detail can be noted throughout the jersey, in particular the extremely useful side zipper pocket for loose change, something that’s a life saver when you get to that well earned coffee stop – no more struggling to find the loose change!



The PGE arm grippers add extra comfort on whilst on the saddle – also very convenient to use with arm warmers.


Kit tends to be quite costly so I’ve always been a bit of a cheap skate and gone from the leaser brands or cheaper models with lower end pads in. As such an integral part of any riders kit, the chamois has to be good. The Morvelo pad is extremely comfortable, the high density foam allows for both comfort and ventilation.

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Again the little detail is what I admire about this product, a little reflective strip on the rear of the jersey and gripper tape on the rear on the back – nothings been compromised from a quality perspective.


The only thing I’d be wary of if you’re looking at investing in some Morvelo kit is the sizing! It’s with out a doubt Itallian sizing, I’m usually a Medium but for this kit I choose Large and even that’s on the small size!

I cycled for a year and a half in low end D’n’B shorts, they weren’t bad by no means, especially not for the money but you only realise the added benefit of a comfy kit when you invest! As mentioned earlier, Morvelo don’t just manufactor cycling clothing, they invest in the community of the sport. The two City Cross events I’ve taken part in were incredibly well organised and a load of fun for racers and spectators – it’s not very often you get a cycling business who’s willing to invest in the culture!

Check out Morvelo’s recent range here and also have a scoop at there most upcoming event in brighton – Morvelo Battle Royal