Full Windsor – The Breaker Multi Tool

My carry tool kit is as follows:

– Restrap Hip Pouch
– Park Super Patch
– Multi allen key set
– Tube
– Park tyre levers
– Lezyne mini pump

This has been my standard equipment whilst on the bike for quite a while now… The only thing I’ve always worried about but never carried is a chain tool. A few years I found myself setting off to work, a mile down the road I stop at lights, lights go green, push down on the pedal and SNAP. I had no option but to walk home, luckily I wasn’t too far away but had I been 7 miles in it would have taken an hour or so to get back without even factoring the repair and repeat commute to work.

So why don’t I carry a tool? Generally speaking because they’re heavy or too bulky to fit in a pocket or pouch!

It’s an important tool and one I’m lead to believe cyclists tend to neglect – Luckily the innovative brand Full Windsor have just rectified this issue!

Introducing The Breaker Multi Tool.

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The Nutter Tool will continue to be a great predecessor but with the updated chain tool function I really believe this tool will challenge the majority of small ‘carry tools’ available on the market – I know that’s a bold statement but having seen the prototype in the flesh it’s safe to say this product will be a ‘game changer’.


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Check out the Kick Start project here and support a great business and further more a truly great product!