The New Commute

I used to think my old commute was a bit of a ‘ball ache’ at times – what I’d call your average Yorkshire commute given how up and down it was. I always looked forward to getting to Guisley, about 9 miles in, that mean’t I was pretty much at work. On the way home it was a tough climb out a Shipley, Hollins Hill, but once at the top it was down hill all the way…

I suppose after 2 years, you get in a rhythm, it becomes the norm and with the new commute I’m just not used too it.


The new commute isn’t all that new, its the usual club route out towards the countryside so I’ve done it a 100x + in already. I never realised how different it would be though, the distance is less but at the minute it seems like much harder work! The stats aren’t a great deal different either…


From an optimistic perspective I get more country side – it still feels like I’m forever going up hill though and the roads seems busier then my past commute.

I’ve got two options getting to work, 30 minute direct or 60 minutes in a loop. Mind over matter, the hardest thing at the minute is choosing to take the longer route. The old commute was 10 minutes difference between long and short so it didn’t make a huge difference, the longer route was safer and the roads were a lot safer so it was a no brainer. With 30 minutes between the two I know find my self battling between easy lazy against the longer harder route!

We’re delving into winter now so it doesn’t help waking up in the dark and commuting home in the dark but none the less I continue to find motivation from some where despite how difficult it can be some mornings!