Essential Cycling Tools


For a while I used to carry my tools in a saddle bag, I soon become a pompous fanny and realised it ruined the aesthetics of many of bike so sacked that idea. I started carry stuff in my jersey pocket but soon found I kept loosing stuff. Mainly my pump falling out or loosing a tyre lever, either way I soon realised a pouch would be much more convenient.

Restrap Hip Pouch


The Restrap hip pouch is probably my most used item. Any sort of ride I always carry it with me, in the Jersey pocket or attached to the belt, it’s fully water proof with enough to carry all of the below.

Restrap Hip Pouch

Lezyne Road Drive Mini ABS Pump


A few years ago I used to carry gas canisters – smaller and faster to use it was more because I was too lazy to pump up a tyre. I soon found out how unreliable they can be, stranded at the road side having used the only two canisters with no luck in pumping up the tyre.

The Lezyne pump is compact and reliable, a clever design housing the hose unit inside the pump. After the hassle I had with the gas canisters I’d never look back!

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Inner Tube and Park Tool Tyre Levers




Again, a year ago I never carried a tube on me, I always relied on the Park Tool Super Patch to get me home after a flat.  When I choose to ride from Dumfries and Galloway to Glasgow I hit a pot hole and got a 4 pinch flat… 5 patches later and still letting air out – It was a long 25 miles home. After that instance I’ve never ridden without a tube. If you don’t carry one with you I really advice you do, most of the time a patch will be fine and the more cost effective way but the’ll be one time it’ll catch you out!



Park Tool Super Patch Kit


I absolutely swear by these… Probably the strongest patch on the market. I’ve ridden tubes for months with patches on and had no problem.

The final push home suppliments



I’m not referencing these items in particular, it’s more a reference to carrying an ‘incase of emergency’ boost to get you home. I’ve had a few experiences where I’ve been 10/15 miles home and bonked hugely making the final push an absolute nightmare. I’ve had these in my pouch for a while now but it’s just piece of mind incase it ever happens!


Allen Key Multi Tool 





Again, a bit of a no brainer, doesn’t need to be anything too fancy nor anything like the Alien Topeck tool, just to cover the main screws of the bike. I seems to loose these around the flat so this is just a cheap £3.99 job from my local bike shop.




The final, most important essential I carry is of course identification. There’s been a few stories I’ve seen over the last year of riders getting to serious trouble and being found with out ID. This is an absolute no brainer, even if I don’t carry my wallet on me I know I’ve always got my club card on me with emergency contact numbers.