Out of the comfort zone, well and truly…

4000 kilometers in 17 days…

That’s Leeds to London 13 times…

A race that spans from Belgium to Istanbul completely un-supported with nothing but a bicycle, touring bag, bare essentials and un-doubtably a bivvy bag.

The Trans Continental Race totally blew me away last year, I followed the progress of Martin Cox, Ben Thompson and Gabby Leveridge through the highs and lows as they showed glimmers of what they were experiencing on social media platforms.  Simply observing the GPS map on the TCR website as they’re in motion gives you a very slight grasp of what this race entails.


I’m all about challenging myself. If you know me or my writing from when I first began blogging on The North Race you’ll know my mentality when it comes to bicycles isn’t simply about the love for cycling.

It’s the opposite. The frustration with some many of us that disregard what’s right in front of us, the lazy options we take and the lack of gratitude we have for the ability to get from A to B with our own steam. We set ourselves physiological boundaries that are actual fact often simple to achieve – “Gosh you cycling to work? What thats like 15 miles right? Bloomin’ ek that’s a mission”. No, it’s really not, it’s easier, it’s faster, more enjoyable, pyschologically better for you etc…

Driving to local shops instead of walking?
Taking the elevator instead of the steps?
Parking as close to the super marketing as possible because it’s such a hassle to walk?



^The touring setup for France to Spain – I think I’ll take one of my more subtable and practical bikes if my application is successful!

Life’s too short.

We’re so busy worrying about what lies ahead or what right or wrong decisions we’ve made in the past that we forget about what’s right in front of us.

The world is a big place and it’s still quite accessible. For this soul reason I need to go see it, but I’m not interested in flying or driving there.  I wouldn’t see much doing that? I don’t want to see it from a far, I want to experience it in the flesh.

My eye’s were opened when I cycled to Scotland, after that it was France to Spain. Now it’s time for something more difficult and challenging,  the training will be hard, the planning wont be easy and I’m sure I won’t be able to predict what might happen.  Either way I’m 100% involved in putting every last ounce of effort into this race.


^Standard camping setup… Won’t be any of this on the TCR, what ever shelter one can find when I decide I need some sleep!

That is if my application is successful…. Stay tuned…