Dan Mather – Spoke Fountain Poster

In this case, it’s an absolute blinder of a screen print by Dan Mather.


3 years ago I set my self a New Years resolution, to invest in art. As some one who studied Fine Art I have a strong admiration to anyone with a creative hand who can produce original drawings, prints, painting etc. In my opinion there’s nothing worse then going into some one’s house and seeing generic IKEA digital prints scattered about, the same thing the local coffee shop has down the road etc. I know it’s a strong opinion, especially judging other peoples houses, but there’s so much good affordable work out there, people are just too lazy to look!


I particularly have a soft spot for screen prints as every print is different, carries different marks and slightly different colours which makes every print personal.

If you’re not in on all the cycling chat he has plenty more to offer, ‘for the love of print’ another edition to a stunning portfolio of work!


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