TBL’s affordable gift guide to Christmas

With the festive season upon us, here’s a small gift guide that might help you to choose a gift for the cyclist in your life – in no particular order.

1. Restrap key chain + T shirt

A classic essential for any cyclist who wants some street cred whilst in the pub with fellow cyclists – also, avoid having to open the door when he stumbles in a little merry as his keys will always be attached to his jeans rather then left at the pub!


Key chain – £8.00 – http://goo.gl/WxUY2h

T-Shirt – £14.99 – http://goo.gl/aXcNbY

2. MAPP hat and sock

I recently discovered this brand myself and I’m blown away by their design. The jerseys are equally desirable too, on a par with the likes of Rapha in terms of quality and design.


Hat – $30.00 –  http://maap.cc/collections/accessories

Socks – $25.00 –  http://maap.cc/collections/socks

3. WoodBuds

Without wanting to initiate the ‘cyclists wearing earphones’ argument I recommend these headphones, for everyday use and whilst on the bike. The whole ethos of the company totally appeals to me let alone the design and quality of the product – “We donate 1% of our sales to a network of environmental organisations worldwide and plant a tree for every 100 products we sell”.


WoodBuds – £25.00 – http://woodbuds.com/products/woodbuds

4. SealSkinz Gloves

Sometimes one set of gloves is just not enough – I’ve got a summer set and a winter set, these gloves have gone through 3 winters so far and are the warmest and most comfortable gloves I’ve worn, so if your loved one is looking to put some miles in over the festive season I’d recommend these without a doubt!


Sealskinz Gloves – £34.00 http://goo.gl/Ti3scg

5.  Dear Green, Aeropress, Grinder

Coffee and cycling go hand in hand so this is an absolute no brainer. Coffee beans would be my recommendation, freshly ground for the best tasting coffee, but maybe the applications to do this aren’t as accessable – if this is the case, maybe consider the whole package; beans+ Aeropress+ coffee grinder!

Coffee aero Grinder

Coffee 250G – £7.50 – http://goo.gl/Br53Uj

Aero Press – £23.00 – http://goo.gl/z9C0z9

Grinder – £19.99 – http://goo.gl/yVkHQ7

6. Castelli over shoes

Again, another essential for winter, keeping dry and warm whilst on the bike is important so having the tools to do so makes for much more enjoyable riding!


Castelli Overshoes – £35.00 – http://goo.gl/7g82hm

7. Morvelo

Dazzle camo, great quality and brilliant fit, these Jerseys are great all rounders.


Point Mens Jersey – £60.00 – http://goo.gl/QaLd7s

8. Sram Garmin Holder

If your loved one hasn’t already got a Garmin, chances are he’s got plans to get one. Attaching the Garmin slightly infront of your bars not only looks boss but also is much more practical whilst in the saddle.


Sram Garmin Holder – £13.50 – http://goo.gl/TA5D37

9. Rapha Bottle

Generally speaking, buying any Rapha garment means taking out an extremely large loan, not always practical. The second best option to join the exclusive Rapha CC, is to get a water bottle, not quite the Rapha pro image we all hope for but close enough!


Water bottles – £12/£15 – http://goo.gl/veBNXV

10. 100 Greatest Climbs

Not only an interesting read but also opens the options for planning some weekend get aways to explore some of these crazy climbs!


100 Greatest Climbs – £6.99 – http://goo.gl/BbJuhU