And so it begins.

The mental aspect of worry, fear and anxiety has all ready kicked in. It’s difficult to imagine what 14 days of solo riding will entail, what pain I’ll go through, what emotions, what bicycle related problems I might come up again etc. The list goes on and trust me, whilst trying to fall asleep this last week that list has continued to go on and on and on.



I don’t feel talking to anyone about the race has helped either – In fact, all it’s done is anger & frustrated me.

“Mate your mad, why would you even do that?”

“Is that even possible?”

“Doesn’t sound like fun to me?”

Not at all helpful. I think this is just the initial realisation of whats ahead kicking in listening to other people tell me it’s a bit bonkers. The main thing that’s spinning around my head at the minute is the thought of 200 miles (at the least) a day. It’ll no doubt be more during the race, but for the minute that’s what I’m trying to build up too and mentally it’s a challenge just to think about it at this point in time!


Aside from all the above, since last week I’ve made a steady start at the training.

Reading up on some of the Addax websites the best way to start is slowly building up the milage throughout the rides you already would do.

My old commute comprised of 2 options, a 30 minute 6 miles commute or an hour and  13 miles. I figured the best way to get my core strength up, or at least getting used to more miles each day, is making the normal commute longer.

So now we have the long 23 miles loop at 1 hour and 30 minutes…

or 17 miles with a heavy climb in the middle taking just over an hour.

After just 4 days of the above I’m already feeling it, I’m generally exhausted and my legs are feeling the strain which is then taking an impact on my mental state. It’s a been a draining week and we’re only on Wednesday!

On top of upping the milage, last week I sold my Garmin 510 for 810 to grasp the use of maps.

No turning back now!