DOMESTIQUES WANTED – Trans Continental Race

Title photo credit – Richard Dunnett *taken from the Trans Continental Race FB Page*


If you couldn’t do the race for one reason or another this year here’s your opportunity to get involved and have a guaranteed place for next years race. Maybe you don’t feel quite ready for such a challenge but still want to get involved one way or another? Here’s your chance…

“We have a number of different ways in which you can contribute to the adventure.   You may wish to help us with race analysis from the comfort of your own home at times that suit you (think of it as advanced level dot-watching) or maybe you would like to visit the race locations and help us en-route by staffing control points.  Perhaps you have some experience or interest in blogging or digital media and would like to be a part of the race reporting. Media work could include writing blog posts and reportage photography and would suit those looking to pursue careers in this field.”

Find out more information here – it would be lovely to see a familiar face along the way!