So? What’s been going on? Let me fill you in on the details…


There’s been a lot of the above. I’ve just moved back to Huddersfield temporarily whilst me and my girlfriend wait for a mortgage to go through. I’ll be permanently based in Leeds in the coming weeks which is pretty exciting! For the minute, it’s fortunate my mum and dad live in Huddersfield, as if they lived further away I’d have to commute by train. The new commute is Hudds’-Bradford-Leeds, taking in 57km of hills, rough road and poor driving. This is all good training towards the Trans Continental Race though!


I’ve been helping Nathan & the rest of the Restrap team prepare for the launch of some new products which are to be announced soon – I’ll just leave this here for the minute…

My new bike is currently in the jig being built which is extremely exciting! I’ve longed to have some steel back in my life since I sold my Tokyo Fixed S1, finally that void will be filled.

More on the full project soon.


I’m currently setting up my Wahoo Fitness kit, RFLKT+ TICKR heart rate monitor and BLUE SC cadence sensor to review. It’ll be interesting to see how it compares to the Garmin 810 I’m currently using!


Damaged/used abused components.

For about 3/4 months I’ve been riding with a dodgy rear break, this is due to the below and also some poor cabling from a past service. I’ve been putting off the job off for a while as the internal cabling on the TCX is a bit of a nightmare. The brake works, it’s just not as responsive as I’ve had it in the past!

Winter has been truly unforgiving on the Giant TCX and as well as the rear brake I can see the BB, rear mech and chain are all taking the brunt of the salt, mud and oil that’s stained the roads.


This time next week I’ll be preparing for my first over night ride to London for the Brooks/Sven Cycles event. Riding in the darkness isn’t one of my favourite aspects of cycling but it’s something I’m going to have to get used too so I better start sooner rather then later.

On a more positive note the mornings are beginning to get lighter which makes my early 6:30am commute a little easier and will mean any up coming night rides will be shorter (in darkness anyway).