Scottish CX Posters by Jim Cameron

When I first met Jim Cameron of Albannach Frames I immediately assumed he was a designer. He built Albannach Frame works, designed the frames from scratch, logos and graphic. When I found out he was a civil engineer I was blown away given his talent with designing.

Jim Cameron began designing posters for CX events in Scotland around 2013 which soon lead to a whole series. I’d love to see these as screen prints one day!

“I was Inspired by those old fashioned railway destination advert posters, the ones with stunning & romantic views of places all over the country that could be seen by train. The images were usually quite simplistic, block shapes and often vibrant colours. That matched with a delicious sans serif font which really appealed to me.”





“For the SCX posters I first started spilling these out last season (2013/14) just out of something to do. People really liked them and then interest grew to ‘what are you going to do for the next one Jim?’ so I couldn’t just do a couple. I had a crack at it again this year though unfortunately due to the rapidly expanding Scottish Cyclocross season I couldn’t keep up with all the posters that needed to be designed. That and I guess being bombed with organising my own race at Rouken Glen, Glasgow, meant I missed a couple of races that popped up this year.
Inspiration for the race posters though is really anything I think relates well to the event. The races in Scotland are all very unique from the next. Sometimes the design comes from a very obvious feature of the race, sometimes from a full on Camembert dream.” HALLOCROSS



You can see the rest of the poster here.

If you’re interested in a print you can email jim here!