The first hurdle

What a horrendously unsettling feeling.

The thought of cycling for 8/9 hours in the dark without sleep makes my tummy churn.

There isn’t a great deal one can do to prepare for such an adventure, mentally or physically. The milage won’t be too much of a problem (he says without sounding cocky) it’s being behind bars* for 12 hours that scares me the most (*excuse the pun).


This is a big part of preperations for The Trans Continental Race at the end of July. In perspective, what I’m about to do this evening I’ll be doing for 14 days solid in July. What ever emotions, pains, aches or mechanicals I face along the way will have to be sorted out on route, then and there, as once we set of from the cobbles of Geraardsbergen the’ll be no turning back nor any help along the way.

The winter has absolutely ruined my commuter bike, the whole thing is slowly beginning to fall apart and it’s no surprise given then current commuting milage I’m doing. My first #TCR2015HACK has been my rear caliper brake, the coiler has jammed and won’t return and with no time nor money to fix it (even after re cabling) this will have to make do!

I was feeling a lot more optimistic this morning when I set off for work, slightly damp roads but no rain. The forecast said rain during the day and clear all night into Friday which filled me with confidence. Sadly, it’s currently drizzling and seems set on doing so for the duration of the journey. Fingers crossed this will change.

I was going to do a kit list but time has run out and I need to get my self organised and on my way before I change my mind!

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