#TBT – Get out there!

I’ve done a heap of riding over the New Year but i’ve slowed down in the last 6 weeks due to moving house which hasn’t helped with this current block I’m experiencing.

Spring is so so close and even though we experienced showers of snow earlier this week we can still hope that soon the sun will come out and begin teasing summer vibes.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking recently, about what’s to come, what challenges are ahead of me and all the things that come with those thoughts. I’m much of ‘here and now’ kinda’ guy as I believe life’s too short to live in the past or to fear the future. With the obvious Trans Continental looming it’s no doubt I’m thinking like this and a winter of riding long leisure & commuting miles has mentally tired me out.


* Photo credit Ric Bell

Today I began thinking about past projects I’ve been part of, specifically The North Race launch video and the Bealach Na Ba shoot with The 5th Floor & Trakke. Those projects we’re so much fun and such incredible riding experiences.



* Photo credit Szymon Nieborak 

The TCR may be the main challenge this year but there’s plenty more projects on top of the 4000km race ahead of me – for now, I’ll reminisce about the good times knowing there’s plenty more to come!

The North Race 2012 from Crowns & Owls on Vimeo.

The 5th Floor & The North Race: BEALACH NA BÀ; Supported by TRAKKE from Angus sung on Vimeo.