Wahoo Fitness RFLKT+ / TICKR / Blue SC Speed and Cadence Sensor

My past experiences with cycling computers have often been that they are difficult to work, not easy to navigate and not always interchangeable between other hobbies. To be fair I only cycle, run and go to the gym but using a Garmin 810 as a comparison, I can’t take that to the gym as it’s too bulky to do anything with.

The Wahoo RFLKT +, TICKR & BLUE SC all work via Bluetooth connecting to the Wahoo Fitness app. The Tickr & Blue tooth SC cadence sensor both connect up to ANT+ sensors too so if you happened to have an ANT+ compatible watch / cycling computer these are all compatible.

On unpacking the kit my first impressions were that of weight, or rather the lack of it! The cycling computer weighs next to nothing, with much of the technology working from the phone itself  it means any extra weight is eliminated!


One thing I found extremely satisfying was not having to permanently attach any of the sensors to my bike. Both sensors come with rubber attachments making it super easy to switch from one bike to another, something that’s always been an issue with past cycling computers!


Once the Wahoo Fitness App has been downloaded it’s a matter of pairing your devices with your phone, a very straight forward and simple step. The sensors give you an indication of how strong the signal is using a green bar to the right of the saved sensor screen.


Immediately usable and it’s straight forward, clear and uncomplicated. The first screen that appears is a overall 4 week summary which maps your last route, shows how many work outs you’ve done, distance achieved and your over all active time.

On starting a new workout you’re asked to choose an active profile, until I’ve sat down to write this I wasn’t aware you could change these to fit what ever activity you’re doing! Anything from wind surfing to climbing steps, it’s got a profile for you or you can create one.

For the minute the 5 profiles were sufficient for me to get a feel for this device!


The device can be setup easily through your phone, you can change which data you want to see depending on what suites you.



The over all data is presented in a crisp clear and an easy to digest overview at the end of your session.


(My heart rate monitor had become unclipped, it wasn’t me flat lining for a period of the ride haha)


Once you’ve analysed the data you can then easily upload the information to one of many alternative tracking apps like Garmin connect or Strava.



A neat little feature I’ve not mentioned yet was the compatibility of your phones music whilst on the bike, rather then fiddle with a hands free button or stop to change track you can simply use one of the buttons on the device to move forward a track!

Intensity training is often a problematic area for me. Am I pushing myself enough or am I over doing it? Wahoo fitness make this kind of training really accessable using Fat-Burning Zones.  Stay below this zone and you aren’t maximising the fat burn. Go above above this zone and you’re only burning the food in your stomach, not getting rid of the body fat. And you might be surprised to learn the intensity level is fairly low, and you should aim to workout slightly longer at that lower intensity.

The Wahoo Fitness App helps you setup these zones making the most of your activities!

Over all I’ve found the Wahoo Fitness devices really useful as an all round fitness device. The navigation of the device is simple and easy to use and much to my surprise the functionality of using Bluetooth to connect to your phone wasn’t as much of an issue as I’d thought given past connections have been intermittent.

I’ve already been asked what’s my preference on this device over others and I can honestly say it’s stands on it’s own when put against others, it offers a different package compared to my Garmin 810 and I can safely say that if I were to continue the training I’ve been doing recently this device would work out better then any other. The slight down side is the use of GPS/Power through your phone, although I’ve never been stuck with a dead phone I have noticed that on my longer rides the battery has been quite significantly reduced. In perspective though any device isn’t going to last through a 10+ hour ride so it’s not a great comparison to make.

For more information check out Wahoo Fitness and also follow them on Twitter for helpful workout tips!