TCR – Not so easy to type into words. Literally.

Let me begin by answering a question that has been asked by many after I scratched from the race.


Would I recommend The Trans Continental Race?


When I choose to do the TCR their was no question about it. None what so ever. I was totally enticed by what I’d seen in 2014, the highs, the lows, the mechanicals, the illness, the images etc. I saw the race as a whole race, rather than the segments the riders might have been experiencing. I didn’t see any of the negative aspects of taking part in the race


The experience I obtained, the people I met and the sites I saw all contributed to a phenomenal adventure that I will always look back on.


The TCR is funny phenomenon.

I researched the race, put time into asking questions to previous participants, invested time to trainand route planning. I genuinely thought I was relatively prepared but truth be told I wasn’t, because admittedly for a rookie auduax/ultra long distance rider like me to remove all the regularities of modern day life is practically impossible. This means creating any sort of simulation during training is extremely difficult. Equally so experience is everything and that of which I had very little of before the race.


Everything I’d preempted didn’t happen. My bike and gear was absolutely bomb proof, my body however was not.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be talking about my TCR experience, the highs, the lows, the good decisions and the bad, the people I met and the little things they said that helped turning the pedals.