North Coast 500 – Mark Beaumont

Earlier this year, Mark Beamont set him self the challenge to complete the entire route in one ride. Mark is no stranger to these types of endurance events though, he recently successfully obtained a New Guinness World Record of 41 days 10 hours and 22 minutes for cycling 6718 miles (10,812km), the length of Africa.


Although Scotland is known for it’s unforgiving weather when it clears it’s absolutely phenomenal.

The North Coast 500 is potentially a 2016 challenge for me, I’d quite like to do it from a TCR set up and bivy the nights, weather permitting but I know I’ll want to take this route in as much as possible rather then an endurance perspective.

Maybe you’ve contemplated having a go at the TCR next year? This is the perfect training ground for planning… Okay the route is pre planned but you still have to plan food, water and equipment!


Check out Mark Beaumont’s journey below.