N – 1

‘Mate DON’T DO IT’

‘How could you sell that?!’


I loved the bike. I really did, but it was better on the wall then it was to ride. When I originally bought the Low I had relatively no experience in what a truly practical, well fitted or fun bike looked like. Low pro’s were super cool, looked rad and fast too so it seemed like a sensible option at the time.


The  main thing I didn’t really take in to consideration was how completely impractical Low Pro bikes were to ride. Rad points were at 11 but comfort was at 1. The Yorkshire hills at tough on fixed alone without having impractical and un-comfy geometry.

Now I don’t think the reason for this sudden change is due to the fact ‘I’m getting old’ (as some people have joked) and the practicalities of having a sweet fixie frame have changed, it just doesn’t ride well. My Bianchi Pista Concept 06 fits like a glove, it can be whip skidded* through the city, a winter commuter or blasted on a long social ride.


Bottom line is, bikes are made to be ridden & the low was hung on the wall for more time then it spent on the road and as much as collecting bikes is great, it’s only worth while if you ride them all.


We had some pretty good times thought, climbed the longest climb in the UK, road the nocturne criterium race in London and did my first festive 500 on it too. Memories that won’t be lost!

The low has gone to a good home, uk based whom of which I know will ride it and love it.

On to the next project, including adding the DSC forks to a new frame!