Updated Wahoo Kickr

Wahoo fitness have really impressed me over the last 6 months particularly with the release of the game changing Elemnt cycling computer. I’ve been testing this device out and there isn’t a ride goes by where I’m not impressed, in particularly the wireless syncing, something that really used to bug me with other cycling computer brands!

As mentioned, when I originally gave in door training a go I wasn’t at all impressed. Having to have an extra wheel to install a turbo tyre on, setting it up and then just the mind numbing dullness of sat there doing interval training for how ever long you can manage the boredom.


The new Wahoo Kickr has changed my original thoughts on in door training, particularly as the wet weather is slowly becoming the norm here in Yorkshire.

All the issues that have put of turbo training have been acknowledged and corrected with the Wahoo Kickr. Most importantly a much quieter system (14% quieter then the previous model) which in my past experience of turbo trainers they’re all pretty noisy!


Wahoo have also developed new algorithms used to provide resistance within the high-inertia fly-wheel which means each acceleration and deceleration will be incredible responsive and feel more realistic than ever.

This has without a doubt got me more exited about the winter months and I for one look forward to trying this out with Zwift!

For more information on the Wahoo Kickr head here.