The Purge (week 1)

I started the Trans Continental Race (TCR) at 82KG with heavy in takes of carbs to follow a pretty heavy training plan. That was okay THEN but when I got back from the race, life took over, the training stopped but the eating habits continued.

It’s almost a curse when training for something like the TCR, the calorie intake was colossal, it didn’t matter if I ate a pizza or two every night because my body needed the sustenance for the 40 KM I’d do every day before work.

I let it slip though, it got way out of control and my appetite now has the better of me and it was only last week that enough was enough.

Personal Issues

I’ve never had a fantastic relationship with food. I’ve always had this hounding anxiety of feeling unfulfilled before a meal so in order to combat this feeling I’ve always purchase more then needed and thus eaten in excess.

Not one sandwich, two.

Not a packet of crisps, two, or why not a family packet (because it’s cheaper and you get more for your money etc).

You get the picture. Luckily, because I’ve cycled in some way shape or form it never gets out of control but it’s only now where I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not happy, so rather then complain about it, I just need to do something about it.

Over the next 8 weeks, all being well, I’m going to work hard on fixing my current habits & food related issues.

My main reasons for doing this is purely because I can still remember the confidence I had when I went a bit nuts having had come back to Huddersfield from a shit experience in London. To combat the rock bottom-ness I felt at the time I decided to go on ‘Tim’s fruit diet’ which consisted of Fruit for breakfast & lunch with any one main meal in the evening.

Grapes began to taste like bacon.

Alongside a full bedroom fitness work out I saw some incredible results, I had a six pack for the first time in my life after about 6 weeks. It was incredible but totally unsustainable!

That wasn’t a good plan in honesty but it worked none the less.

SO… What’s your plan AYE TIMMY?

Here’s four things I’ve been successfully working on for week 1.

1. Exercise food restraint

Last week I was that annoying person who said I’d worry about it next week, I’d say it to myself just to comfort my conscious FFS. Work is the most difficult place to practice what you preach, people bring in treats all the time and ALL THE TIME I (used to) FEAST. And it wouldn’t be modest feasting, no way, i’d have two of everything just to make sure I’m full. I’d be greedy. 

That has stopped & even though it’s day three, I feel pleased that regardless of temptations I’ve been true to myself and I haven’t snacked on any sweet goods that have been bought into the office nor when I’ve been out. 


2. Step up your fitness plan

See, for me this was super straight forward. When I lived in Leeds city centre I had to cycle 15KM there and back to work direct, the long way would be 30KM there and back but there was no ‘easy way’. Since I bought a house 2 years ago it’s been a slow avalanche of laziness. I live 2.5KM from work so cycling straight work is so so easy. It’s too easy!

This week alone, I completed 100KM in two days (and my legs felt it). Wednesday I took as a rest day and tomorrow I’ll complete another 50/60 KM before and after work and I continue to try and get some good milage throughout the week. 

It’s all good and well having a massive appetite but if your exercise doesn’t outweigh the food intake then it’s no surprise you’ll put on weight. Which is very evident in my case.


3. Change the little things

No more ‘Timmy two sandwiches’ – this was just a bit of banter thrown around in the work place, something I actively said myself. It goes back to what I said about my eating anxieties – feeling like I had to have more even if I’d be full. I rely on bread to keep my appetite at bay, but that’s not necessary and possibly part of the reason I’m 8KG’s heavier then I was a year ago when I set off on the TCR. I’ve switched the usual sandwich or two, pastry, packet of crisps and yogurt for Salads , fruit and oat cakes for snacks. Surprisingly I already feel like I’ve gotten over my anxiety of bread, I still long for it but I really enjoy a good salad for lunch now as apposed to the two sandwiches I’d normally have!


4. Snack on the right things

Whilst I haven’t got a nutritionist to back up what I’m saying, I can whole heartedly say that moving from crisps/chocolate to fruit and oat cakes will without a shadow of a doubt make a difference. Admittedly this is all about control, so I’m conscious that I have to control what I’m eating, not simply replace the crap with lots of healthy stuff that could slowly equate to the same crap-ness.


These are small steps but enough to make a difference, the first two weeks are the most difficult in terms of cheating and eating crap. I’m focusing more on what I’m eating then anything else as I still enjoy a glass of red or a beer or two from time to time and I’d rather enjoy that then I would a pizza or chocolate bar.

I’m yet to weight myself (WHAT?!) as I wanted to make sure I was fully committed before I started weighing myself. Regardless I know I’m 90KG’s or above so If I end the week below 90 It’ll be a fantastic start.